Ecotech releases new nitro analyser

ENVIRONMENTAL monitoring group Ecotech has released the Serinus 60 direct nitrogen dioxide (NO2) analyser at the ARABLAB technology show.

Lou Caruana

The Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) technology used by Serinus 60 allows direct measurement of NO2, rather than the current practice of indirect calculation through a chemiluminescence analyser, according Ecotech head of research and development Grant Kassell.

In recent months, nitrogen dioxide has been at the forefront of concerns for air pollution in

cities worldwide.

Authorities have been forced to take drastic measures, such as odd-even number

plate days in India, green taxes, car-scrapping and ride-sharing programs to mitigate the


However, as urban populations, industry, vehicle ownership and transportation increase, so

too in turn does nitrogen dioxide pollution.

Ecotech managing director Nicholas Dal Sasso said: “Never has measurement of NO2 been more

important, or higher on the agenda, for environmental protection.

“Nitrogen dioxide is one of the four critera gases that must be monitored and measured worldwide, precisely because of its harmful nature.

“Ecotech’s Serinus 60 is a direct, precise, rapid and affordable answer to the increasing global concerns of nitrogen dioxide.”

With extensive experience across varied high risk industry sectors such as mining, oil and gas and construction, Ecotech is recognised for customised, turn-key solutions - from design, manufacture, supply, operation and maintenance to data reporting services.

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