DCT releases evaporation products

DUST Control Technology has introduced a new product line of high-efficiency industrial wastewater evaporators and services, initially targeted to mining and water treatment applications.
DCT releases evaporation products DCT releases evaporation products DCT releases evaporation products DCT releases evaporation products DCT releases evaporation products

Evaporation via atomized mist: specialized nozzles create droplets of a controlled size.

Lou Caruana

In addition to evaporation equipment, which will be marketed under the DriBoss trade name, the company will supply ancillary components such as pumps, valves, controls, sensors and automation – all designed to withstand caustic and corrosive environments.

DCT plans to offer complete wastewater solutions, from initial site analysis to remote operated and computer controlled systems, including weather stations and customized software.

According to chief executive Edwin Peterson, the firm will supply both water fracturing and atomized mist equipment designs.

“Fracturing is essentially splitting the droplets with a high-speed fan and propelling them into the air,” he said.

“It’s a technique that’s well suited to smaller areas, in which the wastewater contains high solids levels or large particulates. Water fracturing evaporators can be land-based or floating on pontoons.

“Atomization is more complex, with specialized nozzles creating droplets of a controlled size, then using a powerful fan to compress the air through a tapered barrel and propel the mist over a large area.

“This type of design is best for larger operations and greater volumes of wastewater, where lower amounts of dissolved solids are present and particulates are small.”

The larger size and weight of atomization designs typically dictate that they be located on land.

Collecting and managing weather data is critical to maintaining efficiency and minimizing drift in the efficient evaporation process, and weather stations from DCT will be able to monitor temperature, wind and humidity.

It will deliver feedback to operators and/or a central computer for optimum control of direction, droplet size and flow modulation at each individual machine.

As part of its commitment to providing strategic solutions tailored for each individual application, the company will market a sophisticated, customizable software package to manage a virtually unlimited network.

The firm will also have the capability to specify and custom-design additive packages to enhance evaporation performance.

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