Here's the scoop from Fairchild

VIRGINIA-based underground equipment producer Fairchild International has introduced a battery-powered AC variable frequency drive scoop designed for low seam applications.
Here's the scoop from Fairchild Here's the scoop from Fairchild Here's the scoop from Fairchild Here's the scoop from Fairchild Here's the scoop from Fairchild

The 35-C-LV-AC low-vein AC VFD battery-powered scoop.

Donna Schmidt

The 35C-LV-AC low-vein AC VFD battery-powered scoop is ideal for use in 36-48in seam heights and has the same safety and performance benefits of the company’s AC VFD scoop line, vice president of sales Jack Fairchild Jr said.

“We are pleased to offer an AC VFD battery-powered scoop for low-seam applications that allows mine operators to maintain the same levels of worker protection and productivity that our other equipment provides,” he said.

“We invested significant resources to develop this innovative piece of equipment because maximizing safety and productivity are vital at any seam height.”

Among the unit’s safety benefits are grade speed control and load capacity stability that allows for safer operation on slopes and pitching seams as well as a reduction in battery exchanges. Battery maintenance and watering, a lower exposure to battery acid, brushless motors and programmable speed and torque specific to the needs of the operator and mine environment are also advantages for a safer experience.

On the performance side, the machine offers a higher speed and torque for the entire charge cycle of the battery and superior creep speed capability for improved operator control. Other advantages include constant tram speeds regardless of grade and bucket load; larger-diameter drive lines and universal joints to withstand higher speeds and increased torque; larger speed reducer with gearing designed to handle increased speed and torque; and more efficient use of power with VFD electric controls.

The new scoop’s design also doubles the operating time per battery charge, eliminating the need for a third set of batteries, as well as advanced low-voltage protection to eliminate drive system component damage; adjustable tram speed and torque output and higher horsepower ratings for tram and pump motors.

“The 35C-LV-AC motor is equipped with enough horsepower to allow main hydraulic pump output to be more responsive during operation, as well as an encoder that allows for a soft tram start,” Fairchild said.

“The motor’s significantly lower drive temperature improves the performance of electrical components due to lower heat generation, and all programming and troubleshooting may be done on a diagnostic readout mounted in the operator’s compartment, eliminating the need for a hand-held data programmer. The unit’s proven dynamic braking capability reduces wear on cables and motors, as well as the drive system.”

Aside from its headquarters in Glen Lyn, Virginia, Fairchild International has facilities in Beckley, West Virginia; DuQuoin, Illinois; Huntington, Utah; Indiana, Pennsylvania; and Pikeville, Kentucky.