Scorpion released

ADVANCED Chain Technologies has released a hose protection solution it says will reduce hose cost and downtime, while increasing driveage and drilling rates for underground continuous miner roof and rib bolting rigs.
Scorpion released Scorpion released Scorpion released Scorpion released Scorpion released

Miner Scorpion protects hoses and cables on drill rigs and roof bolters.

Staff Reporter

Called Miner Scorpion, the device is designed to protect drill rig hoses from damage.

It has been derived from ACT’s longwall Scorpion twin and tri pull cable and hose handlers.

For years the “vulcanised” hose pack has been the popular way of running multiple hoses from the pump to the motor.

Any benefit from this system became lost if one of the hoses becomes damaged.

It usually means the entire vulcanised pack has to be replaced – fine if there are spares available but understood to be a bit of a nightmare if they are not.

Miner Scorpion removes the need for these packs.

It keeps the hoses contained, controlled and protected while allowing the use of individual hoses within the protection system.

Should one of those hoses need replacing, it is not a big drama.

The system is designed to allow for wear and impact damage.

The patented side access system offers enhanced performance while each link keeps the ability to protect the hoses and cables even under the most arduous of conditions.

Rig operators can access the hoses easily but the system prevents hoses becoming accidentally disengaged.

The design allows the rig to extend and retract without the hazard of snagging the hoses and causing premature failure.

Miner Scorpion will take hose diameters from 24mm to 60mm and a minimum of three hoses and or cables.

It also allows for segregation between electrical and hydraulic cables and hoses if required.