BMA's FIFO ops face review

QUEENSLAND’s new Mines Minister Anthony Lynham is already planning to review BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance’s approvals to make its Daunia and Caval Ridge mines operate 100% fly-in, fly-out.
BMA's FIFO ops face review BMA's FIFO ops face review BMA's FIFO ops face review BMA's FIFO ops face review BMA's FIFO ops face review

Dr Anthony Lynham

Blair Price

In its election campaign the state Labor Party promised to oppose any new proposals to establish 100% FIFO mines.

"We're reviewing the previous 100% FIFO mines (Daunia and Caval Ridge) and we are also making sure we don't have 100% FIFO for new mines," Lynham told the ABC on Tuesday.

He said the review would start “as soon as possible”.

"People don't want this left up in the air,” he said.

"Families are listening to when this is going to be sorted. We do hope we will be able to sit down with the mining companies and have a sensible chat and work out solutions to this problem.”

Lynham, a maxillofacial surgeon who missed out on the health portfolio, told the ABC last month, while on the campaign trail, he opposed New Hope’s Acland coal mine expansion.

“We're not going to sell our farmers out to the interests of mining like they [the Liberal National Party-led government at the time] have done," he said.

Queensland Resources Council CEO Michael Roche has warned that BMA’s 100% FIFO approvals should not be retrospectively changed.