New sewage system makes a splash

DOWDENS Pumping & Water Treatment has secured exclusive Australia and Papua New Guinea rights for the sale and service of the Miracell Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs) treatment systems.

Lou Caruana

Miracell RBCs are fully automatic, modular designed rotating biological contactor treatment systems specifically engineered for sewage treatment applications in capacities ranging from 50 to 20,000 equivalent people (treatment of between 10 cubic metres up to 4000cu.m day).

Being modular in design means Miracell RBCs are the only wastewater treatment system that has the ability to decrease capacity at times of lower flow rates via bypass around unused compartments and diverting wastewater to the last modular unit, according to Dowdens.

With conventional activated sludge systems a constant flow of air needs to be pumped through aerators by blowers in order to stimulate bacterial growth. The Miracell design enables the bacteria to receive the necessary air naturally from the atmosphere to grow the bio-colony.

A design feature is the virtually indestructible polyethylene discs located on the shaft rotate at a very low speed by means of a reduction gear box with motor.

The treated water discharged from the Miracell is guaranteed to meet the most stringent discharge standards and may be used for dust suppression, irrigation or directly discharged to a waterway subject to environmental authority approval, according to the company.

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