Sandvik bolter miner can increase longwall productivity

THE fully automatic cutting cycle from Sandvik’s new MB670-1 bolter miner results in constant and faster advances, shortening panel development times in stable ground conditions by up to 30%, and smoother underground coal mine floor conditions, the company claims.

Lou Caruana

The MB670-1 also increases productivity, reduces total cost of ownership and improves safety and ergonomics for operators, according to Sandvik.

The upgraded bolter miner, developed out of the Sandvik MB670, is purpose-built for longwall mining.

The MB670-1 also suffers less wear and tear, according to Sandvik Mining product line manager, underground coal and minerals Bruno Reumueller.

“Our new Sandvik MB670-1 bolter miner has an innovative sump frame mechanism that incorporates cutting and bolting, allowing coal cutting and ground support installation simultaneously,” he said.

“While the machine is stabilized for installing the ground support, the sump frame mechanism continues to move forward to cut out the next cycle.

"This enables our customers to get more out of their mine. Sandvik initiated invention of the bolter miner concept 25 years ago, and we are rapidly approaching 300 bolter miners in operation today.

“Our patented design is proof that our range of bolter miners helps our customers drive down their total cost of ownership and improve productivity. The new Sandvik MB670-1 is no exception.”

Sandvik supplies equipment for the entire longwall development process — from excavation, support and loading products to transportation and logistics.

Sandvik bolter miners simultaneously cut, support, gather material and convey it into shuttle cars, coal haulers or a continuous haulage system so that it’s ready for transport. This helps operators remove risk from their operations, the company said.