NSW mining fights back

THE New South Wales Minerals Council has launched a free-to-air television and print media advertising campaign saying government policy on mining should be based on the facts about mining’s contribution to the economy.
NSW mining fights back NSW mining fights back NSW mining fights back NSW mining fights back NSW mining fights back

Stephen Galilee

Lou Caruana

The TV commercials are being followed up by full-page advertisements in print media, along with Sydney-wide radio advertising, council CEO Stephen Galilee said.

“We've taken the step to run ‘land use facts’ on free-to-air metropolitan television to improve public understanding about mining and also in response to the misleading claims being made by activists and extremists using fear rather than facts to further their anti-mining agenda,” he said.

“As our governments put together their respective budgets, decisions affecting our state's largest export industry must be based on fact not fiction.”

Mining operations account for around 0.1% of the state’s land compared to 76% for agriculture, Galilee said.

“Modern mining delivers around 25% of NSW exports by value, around 85% of the state’s electricity needs and directly employs 80,000 people across the state in mining and minerals processing,” he said.

“Essential services and infrastructure are funded by around $1.5 billion a year in royalty payments to the NSW government.”

NSW mining companies spent over $9.3 billion with local businesses across the state and on wages in 2012-13.

“This spending helps support tens of thousands of other jobs across the economy, underpinning the economic strength of many regional communities,” Galilee said.

“NSW needs its modern mining industry. Let’s keep mining strong.”