Gas monitoring made easy

A GAS monitoring data management system which claims to enhance reliability and produce cost savings for underground coal operations, has been launched into the US market by Industrial Scientific.
Gas monitoring made easy Gas monitoring made easy Gas monitoring made easy Gas monitoring made easy Gas monitoring made easy

DS2 Docking Station

Staff Reporter

The DS2 docking station is an instrument and data management system that performs a specified regimen of test, calibration, battery charging and record-keeping functions.

The station is compatible with Industrial Scientific’s iTX multi-gas monitor, the T82 single-gas monitor and the VX500 PhotoIonization monitor.

“The DS2 Docking Station leapfrogs the current market offerings, by featuring automated instrument maintenance and diagnostics for up to 100 gas monitors simultaneously with one central computer server,” said Industrial Scientific.

LAN-compatible database software supports an unlimited number of instruments, allowing centralization of calibration records, gas exposure data and customized instrument instructions in one master database.

Using Ethernet or wireless communication to connect to the Docking Station Server, each Instrument Docking Station is a stand-alone client satellite without the need for direct PC-connectivity, allowing autonomous plant-wide placement.

Each Instrument Docking Station (IDS) has a multi-lingual liquid crystal display (LCD), status LED lights, and audible alarm to prompt user action if necessary. Up to five IDS units can be grouped together to share calibration gas cylinders for additional cost savings.

The DS2 will be launched in Australia by Industrial Science distributors, Airmet, in the next two weeks. Airmet have already received a number of DS2 demonstration models and have been demonstrating throughout the Bowen Basin.