'Digging deeper' seminar to boost exploration in Queensland

THE Department of Natural Resources and Mines Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) is digging deeper to present the latest geoscience data and information at a major seminar in Brisbane in November.

Staff Reporter

Titled Digging Deeper into the Geological Survey of Queensland, the one-day seminar will be held on Wednesday November 19.

GSQ director David Mason said the theme of "digging deeper" highlighted some major activities of the GSQ in the past few years.

"More exploration is moving 'under cover' and requiring sophisticated use of techniques such as airborne geophysical data, which the GSQ is using to assist mapping programs.

"Likewise, we are digging deeper into available company exploration data which we are making available electronically", he said.

"The Geological Survey has been revisiting and remapping mineral occurrences and deposits throughout northern Queensland, and producing new 1:100,000 scale map sheets for several areas.

"During the seminar, speakers will be discussing the impact of new geophysical and age dating data on our understanding of the geology of these areas.

"They will also delve into the latest thinking about coal seam methane and mineral resource assessment, and deliberate over where the next big Mount Morgan style gold mine - the biggest single gold producing mine in the state before it closed - could be found," he said.

Other topics will include results from the recent airborne geophysical surveys of the Bowen Basin and implications for exploration for coal and minerals.

"We'll be asking what more do we know about the structure of the Bowen Basin, the extent of the basalts, and what's under the coal measures? Is there potential for discovering gold or copper, or both, as well as coal," Mason said.

To boost exploration activity within the state, Mason said the GSQ now provided geochemistry data on CD for the cost of provision.

"Data on particular areas can now be bought on a single CD," he said.

The cost of the seminar is $110, including GST. Student rates apply. Further information is available at www.nrm.qld.gov.au/mines. MiningNews.net