Juganaut launches the supercharged Hino engine package

AFTER more than 300 hours of testing Juganaut Industries has released its approved, fit for purpose, flame proof engine package to the underground coal sector.
Juganaut launches the supercharged Hino engine package Juganaut launches the supercharged Hino engine package Juganaut launches the supercharged Hino engine package Juganaut launches the supercharged Hino engine package Juganaut launches the supercharged Hino engine package

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Angie Tomlinson

The new engine package was developed by Juganaut for its JUG-A-O UL/UV “V2” (Underground Loader/Utility Vehicle) to achieve a much higher level of operator control, remove the negative effects of turbo lag and reduce diesel particulate matter compared to turbocharged engines..

Juganaut attained approval for its new “supercharged” Hino engine package (approval MDA DES 062319) in mid-April. Approval was gained to operate the engine package either with or without a catalytic converter or exhaust particulate filters, in order to suit set up options at different mines.

“In total we have carried out approximately 300hrs dyno testing to develop the package through the different stages to end up with what we have today,” Juganaut director Phill Pike said.

In 2002 Juganaut opted for the proven Hino product. The company took the engine and removed the turbocharger and intercooler from a standard EURO 2 8lt direct-injected Hino engine and replaced it with its own positive displacement supercharger unit.

The fit-for-purpose supercharged Hino engine package produces maximum power of 135 kilowatts (187hp) at 2100rpm. It idles at 800rpm and at 900rpm the engine produces 600Nm of torque where the torque curve peaks at 674Nm at 1900 rpm, and steadily drops off to 600Nm at 2400 maximum rpm.

“This has given the operator level of control over machine driving movements that go hand in hand with the known high level of control that our load sensed hydraulic system has given the operators of JUG-A-0 UL/UV since they were released in 2002,” he said.

The positive displacement supercharger unit creates 3psi of boost pressure at idle and about 11psi at flight, so as soon as the operator touches the throttle, clean air is being forced into the engine at the same time as the fuel is being supplied: “Clean air in means clean air out,” Pike said.

To prove this concept, Juganaut agreed to some members of the Queensland Particulate Committee to carry out exhaust particulate testing using Kestrel mine’s diesel particulate matter (DPM) test box in its Mackay workshop in May this year. (To see results click on graphs to the left)

“All of the people present were most impressed when we opened the exhaust filter canister lid and revved the engine hard from idle stall to full stall several times with out seeing the customary black smoke in the exhaust at all. Lower particulates means a safer engine along with longer exhaust filter life; longer exhaust filter life also equates to a major cost saving for any operation that chooses to use the filters.”

The first supercharged Hino powered JUG-A-0 UL/UV “V2” was produced on May 10 at Juganaut’s Rutherford workshop in New South Wales.

The new generation prototype was delivered to Longwall Development Operations on April 20 and is currently in use at the new Wambo underground mine in the Hunter Valley. The machine currently has more than 750 operating hours under its belt. Apart from some engineering issues, Juganaut has received positive operator feedback on the machine.

“We had experienced some teething problems in the field with the first of the new engine packages. These problems are currently being engineered out to become the new standard,” Pike said.

“We are currently running the sixth design of the supercharger drive snout in our continuing quest to chase the best service life we can possibly get, as the DPM results we have reiterates the fact that we are on the correct track when it comes to cleaning up the industry environment and helping to make it a better place to work,” he said.

“We have also had to develop reusable exhaust baffle inserts to address the drumming reverberation issue. End users have reported that the engine package produces at a certain rpm underground when the exhaust filters are not fitted in the exhaust filter canister.”

The Hino engine package is shorter than the standard which means the comany has set up between the engine and torque converter a modern 1400Nm rated silicon drive coupling.

Juganuat is about to deliver its seventh Supercharged Hino powered machine into the underground coal sector, with LD Operations ordering the first two units, Coalroc ordering the next four units for Ashton Coal in New South Wales and a hire machine that has just been sent to the Broadmeadow punch longwall in Queensland.

Juganaut has also extended an invitation for operations to arrange appointments to visit its Rutherford or Mackay workshops to inspect the new JUG-A-0 UL/UV “V2”machines.

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