Chinese mines under pressure

YET another longwall supplier is off to try its luck in China, with Yeppoon company LVA planning to export coal mining analysis software to the country.
Chinese mines under pressure Chinese mines under pressure Chinese mines under pressure Chinese mines under pressure Chinese mines under pressure

3D ribbon view of longwall pressures against time, allowing a degree of seeing through and behind other data.

Angie Tomlinson

LVA will head to China in November to attend the China Coal Expo as part of the Queensland State Government delegation. With more than 1300 longwall mines in China the market potential is enormous.

LVA’s software packages are already running in one central Queensland mine and it has orders from four other mines.

LVA said it had experienced a roller-coaster ride since the Queensland Mining Expo in July with interest in LVA's software growing dramatically both in the local and international market.

LVA has developed two products for longwall coal mines – Longwall Visual Analysis and LVA Telltales. Both products are designed to present longwall or telltale data so mines can make informed decisions about longwall mining productivity, safety and maintenance.

The Chinese coal mining industry is modernising very quickly and is keen to improve its level of safety in order to remain competitive.

LVA said it had been a whirlwind of activity, planning and preparing for the trip and it had been impressed with the level of assistance offered by the Government and other local mining industry companies to prepare for the trip.

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