New sleeve a strong arm for protection

WORKER protection product supplier Ansell has unveiled its latest product addition, the Hyflex 11-200 HI-VIZ Sleeve to help users avoid cuts while offering comfort and abrasion resistance.

Donna Schmidt

The sleeve, which is a highly visible fluorescent yellow for visibility in all lighting and distances, has been designed with ANSI level 3 cut performance and ANSI level 2 abrasion resistance.

HyFlex 11-200 is available in one size and features an adjustable system in the forearm area as well as room in the upper arm area to ensure a proper fit for workers of all sizes.

Also, a user-friendly fixing system keeps roll-downs at bay by attaching the sleeve to a worker's shirt.

The sleeve has a glass fiber core wrapped by polyester and a tight outer wrap of clear nylon, and the woven material of the product reduces snags.

“Though most applications that require level 3 cut protection or higher for the hand also require arm or forearm protection, a number of arm and forearm products are available in the marketplace offer little comfort, being too tight and hinder movement or roll down and expose the arm to injury,” senior vice president and North American regional director Bob Gaither said.

“Our new HyFlex 11-200 HI-VIZ sleeve not only addresses these comfort issues, but provides the proper best-in-class protection expected by Ansell.”

HyFlex 11-200 is recommended for several applications including metal sheet and glass handling in several sectors such as metal fabrication, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, body shops and aerospace.