RPM teams up to expand in Mongolia

TECHNOLOGY leader RungePincockMinarco has teamed up with a Mongolia-based mining software consultancy firm to expand its reach into the emerging market.

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IT Experts will sell and support RPM’s suite of mining software in Mongolia through its existing network of clients.

RPM chief executive officer Richard Mathews said the agreement would help the company broaden its distribution channels and market share in Mongolia.

“This calendar year, we have launched a raft of new software products to the mining industry whilst also strengthening our core existing product base with extensive releases,” Mathews said.

“Following on from these product releases we are now working to expand our distribution channels, particularly in the emerging markets where we have continued to invest.

“This agreement with IT Experts will broaden our network, increase the accessibility of our products and expand our presence in Mongolia.”

IT Experts CEO Munkhbadral Algaa says the alignment between the two companies “makes sense”

“The combination of our understanding of local customer needs and RPM’s industry proven products means we can jointly provide solutions that meet the Mongolian mining industry’s unique challenges,” Algaa added.

“IT Experts already sell and support the Maptek Vulcan mine design product range.

“With the recent release of RPM’s XPAC 7.13, which features integration between the Vulcan products and RPM’s scheduling products, IT Experts can now offer and support the two industry leading software packages that work together to deliver the best mine planning solution into the Mongolian mining market.”

RPM’s partnership agreement with IT Experts follows RPM’s recent partnership agreement with NVision Group in Russia and the former Soviet Union, as well as the formation of an India-based joint venture with Deepak Mining Services.

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