Swanson completes investment in Jarvie

SWANSON Industries has added Australian group Jarvie Engineering to its stable and will provide additional resources to expand Jarvie’s existing facilities while also taking advantage of the any growth opportunities available.

Lou Caruana

Swanson, along with retained senior management personnel at Jarvie, will continue to support the products and services provided by Jarvie, as well as expand upon the synergies between Swanson Industries and Jarvie Engineering.

The histories of Swanson Industries and Jarvie Engineering are very similar, having run a similar path. The combined efforts of the companies make a very natural combination to expand the provision of commonly shared engineered products and services to a wider, international customer base, Swanson said in a statement.

“With this new partnership, Swanson Industries and Jarvie Engineering are poised to maintain and improve the same quality and services its customers have grown to expect well into the future,” it said.

The Jarvie family and its employees have built a tremendous legacy of support for its customer base and Swanson plans to expand on that legacy and build upon the legacy, Swanson senior vice president Bill Gibson said.

“The combination of Jarvie Engineering with our Swanson Industries business is such a natural fit that the sharing of resources, practices and knowledge is assured to improve our combined ability to support our customers,” he said.

“We are very excited about our path forward with Jarvie Engineering as our partner in Australia and words cannot express the value of the legacy of the Jarvie family and the importance we place on its support of the customer base and the company they built.”

Swanson CEO William Roller said Swanson was excited to partner with the management team of Jarvie Engineering to continue the growth and expansion of this long-standing industry leader.

“We are impressed with the business that management has built and plan to support Jarvie through AEA/Swanson’s experience in the industrial sector and our global footprint, operating resources and access to capital,” he said.

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