Jarvie secures cylinder contract

JARVIE Engineering has introduced a heavy duty tilt cylinder option for loaders performing high fatigue applications under a deal with VOEST Alpine Mining & Tunnelling (VAMT). Already New South Wales operations West Wallsend, Newstan and Beltana have adopted the cylinders on their 130LHD Eimco loaders.
Jarvie secures cylinder contract Jarvie secures cylinder contract Jarvie secures cylinder contract Jarvie secures cylinder contract Jarvie secures cylinder contract

Eimco 130 LHD modified dump (tilt) cylinder designed and manufactured by Jarvie Engineering for VAMT, pictured (right corner).

Angie Tomlinson

The tilt cylinder was specifically designed by Jarvie under the instruction of VAMT, who now hold exclusivity rights. The on-going contract between Jarvie and VAMT was signed in November last year, and according to Jarvie sales engineer John Hancock, strong sales are expected as the market awareness of the cylinder increases.

The Jarvie tilt cylinder is based on OEM operating parameters and was designed to meet higher demands placed on machinery in longwall operations.

The cyclinder was specifically designed for the 130LHD Eimco in applications where fatigue in critical hydraulic cylinder components was a major concern. Specifically, when workers were performing rigorous duties from an attachment on the bucket or when the bucket performed constant heavy duty work. Fatigue had become a major concern when a work platform had been installed after such vigorous work.

The cylinders have undergone work-related testing at Xstrata’s West Wallsend mine and all cylinders experience vigorous testing on a test bench before delivery.

To date 18 cylinders have been installed in three New South Wales’ mines and enquiries from Queensland have been constant.