Mine drainage symposium being held in April

MANY diverse presentations are scheduled for a symposium sponsored by the West Virginia Mine Drainage Task Force and West Virginia Coal Association in Morgantown on April 18-19.
Mine drainage symposium being held in April Mine drainage symposium being held in April Mine drainage symposium being held in April Mine drainage symposium being held in April Mine drainage symposium being held in April


Donna Schmidt

The event, being held at the Morgantown Ramada Inn, begins the morning of April 18 and adjourns at noon on April 19. Lodging is available for attendees by contacting the host hotel.

The symposium is the twenty-sixth of its kind, an annual gathering of professionals to discuss the latest technologies and issues facing the industry.

The task force was formed in 1978 “to investigate the acid mine drainage [AMD] problem associated with surface mining in central West Virginia”, the group said on its website. Since then, it has broadened its outreach beyond the West Virginia borders.

Following opening remarks by Charlie Miller of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, WVDEP’s Randy Huffman will kick off the presentations with a discussion of the status of the state’s mining and reclamation. Office of Surface Mining (OSM) representative Brent Wahlquist will follow up the discussion with an update on mining and AMD.

West Virginia University professor Dorothy Vesper will present on the topic of selenium location and the mode of occurrence in Pottsville Group and the Kanawha formation rocks in southern West Virginia. Keeping within the selenium topic will be Pat Campbell of the WVDEP, who will discuss an agency study, and American Electric Power’s Rob Reash, who will speak about the bioaccumulation of selenium derived from coal ash.

Following a lunch break, Jason Bostic of the WVCA will present guests with an overview of 2006 legislative issues on mining, reclamation and water quality. The energy policy of the US will follow in a presentation by National Mining Association government affairs official Dan Gerkin.

Wrapping up the day’s speakers will be Bowles Rice McDavid Graff & Love representative Jennie Henthorn with a discussion of changes in the state’s aluminum criteria, an overview of the National Academy of Sciences’ report on mine placement of coal-combustion wastes by Kim Vories (OSM) and Greg Conrad (Interstate Mining Compact Commission), and the costs and benefits of watershed- versus at-source-based AMD treatments by Paul Ziemkiewicz of WVU. A reception will be held beginning at 5.30pm.

The second day of the event will commence with remarks by Jim Ashby of Mettiki Coal. The first presenter of the morning will be Chris Colbert, speaking about the reuse of water from underground mines for power generation.

US Geological Survey representative Chuck Cravotta will follow, discussing the laboratory and field evaluation of limestone dissolution in passive systems. The effect of gypsum coatings and hydrodynamic factors on ALD performance will then be presented by VPI officials Danielle Huminicki and Don Rimstidt.

Individuals from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will also be present at the event – Dan Koury, Roger Hornberger and

Keith Brady – speaking about the characteristics and treatment of mine drainage in the anthracite region of the state, and Illinois will be represented by Southern Illinois University’s Jack Nawrot, who will present the paper Alkaline Recharge Trenches: A Pound of Prevention is Worth a Ton of Treatment.

Wrapping up the event for 2006 will be Timothy Tsukamoto of Ionic Water Tech, discussing the innovative rotating cylinder treatment system for efficient oxidation and treatment of AMD and Ron Neufield of the University of Pittsburgh, speaking about accelerated ferrous oxidation with a multiple orifice spray reactor.

Anyone with questions or wishing to register for the event may contact the West Virginia Mine Drainage Task Force organiser Jeff Skousen at (304) 293-6256, by e-mail at jskousen@wvy.edu, or may sign up online at www.wvmdtaskforce.com or www.wvu.edu/~agexten/landrec/land.htm.