Hunter to benefit from diesel product innovation

THE New South Wales Hunter Region’s mining sector will be the first in the state to have access to a new range of Australian-developed diesel products specifically designed to boost engine power output and reduce fuel consumption.

Lou Caruana

Upgrades completed this week on Caltex’s Newcastle terminal enabled customers access to new fuel products that would help address a number of maintenance and performance challenges known to be contributing to higher costs of maintaining their diesel fleets, its general manager marketing Bruce Rosengarten said.

The package would assist commercial diesel customers across the Hunter in their efforts to reduce these costs, he said.

“Caltex has responded to these challenges by introducing the Caltex TecDiesel Advantage, a holistic and cost-effective package that includes three new advanced diesel products, along with fuel filtering processes, site-specific engineering solutions and a fuel-saving low-viscosity engine oil,” Rosengarten said.

“Independent tests, designed to replicate Australian conditions, demonstrated that the TecDiesel Advantage program delivers increased power output and potential fuel economy savings through improvements to injector cleanliness.”

The suite of products and services has been designed to help reduce the likelihood of increased fuel consumption, reduced engine performance and significant repair bills associated with having to replace failed parts.

A diesel filtration system was installed at the Newcastle terminal to remove more microscopic abrasive contamination compared to conventional diesel fuel.

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