Balkans mines acquire extra shearers

COAL mines in Slovenia and Bosnia have modernised their range of underground mining equipment by acquiring three high power SL 300 Eickhoff shearers.

Lou Caruana

Earlier this year Eickhoff SL 300 shearer loaders were installed, one each at the Bosnian Breza and Banovice mines, as well as one at Slovenia’s Velenje mine.

The Eickhoff SL 300 with an installed power of 1.158 megawatts is perfectly geared to mid seam applications between 1.6m and 4m.

Now a total of six Eickhoff shearers are operating in the ex-Yugoslavian region, enabling the mines to sustainably produce coal from domestic sources.

The Bosnian coal mines in and around the city of Breza gained acquired EDW-170-L Eickhoff shearers in the late 1960s and 1970s before buying Eickhoff EDW-300-L shearers in the 1980s.

The EDW-300-L would continuously mine coal at cutting heights of up to 5m – a groundbreaking record at the time.

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