Flexco has solution to extend conveyor life

FLEXCO impact beds absorb the impact energy and prevent damaging vibration which can increase the service life of conveyor belts.

Lou Caruana

The impact beds, supplied and installed by Flexco, slow down the speed at which the bulk material falls from the conveyor.

The company supplies the beds for a range of applications including coal mining, underground mining and gravel plants.

In order to select the right impact bed, the user needs to determine the weight of the largest materials to be conveyed in bulk.

This figure is then multiplied by the height of the fall. The result gives the approximate impact energy. If the user is conveying coarse, large-sized bulk material at great heights, for example, very strong impact forces can quickly be generated.

The DRX3000 impact bed is equipped with additional vibration damper for this purpose. These absorb most of the energy that occurs upon impact. In addition to these, there are fixed impact rails at the sides. Together with skirt clamps, these seal off the transfer area.

High impact forces can also occur on conveyor belt systems that are used in coal-fired power stations, coke plants and unloading stations, as the materials can be up to 30cm in diameter.

Flexco offers DRX1500 impact beds to provide additional force reduction with isolation bars that further absorb the impact.

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