Shining the light on mining's workload

HELLA Mining, a joint venture between Nevada firm Milex Technologies and Georgia producer Hella, has introduced a new mining-specific line of work lamps, the AS500 series.
Shining the light on mining's workload Shining the light on mining's workload Shining the light on mining's workload Shining the light on mining's workload Shining the light on mining's workload

Hella’s new AS500 work lamp.

Donna Schmidt

Available in Xenon and Halogen, the series can be used on machinery and equipment with either 24-volt or 12V DC electrical systems. It includes a cast aluminium body and is corrosion resistant for heavy-duty mining use.

Its stainless steel mounting hardware is non-resonant and can be mounted directly on a rigid surface or on a pedestal mount using optional brackets.

“The lamp body features an integral, non-snag, ergonomic handle, which allows for accurate aiming and stability in high vibration environments,” said officials for the company.

There is a multi-element DRACO isolator system between the lamp and bracket on the units in the series for shock and vibration reduction and elimination of all metal-to-metal contact.

Hella’s free-form precision optics are used to deliver a homogenous spread of light, according to the company.

“The absence of sharp transitions from light to dark in the visual field significantly reduces eye fatigue and stress,” the company said.

The Xenon and Halogen versions of the lights are available with either close-range or long-range beam patterns for the various mounting and illumination needs of the industry.

The AS500 lights also feature the company’s MustADD filter to protect the optical system from contamination and dust.

Hella entered into the joint venture with Milex last month to bring its line of lighting to the mining industry under the name Hella Mining.

“We’ve combined the expertise and innovative technologies of two great lighting companies, Hella and Milex, to produce a unique line of lighting that addresses critical mining safety and performance criteria,” said Hella Mining managing director Jim Grady at the time.

“We base our lamp designs on data retrieved from extensive research and testing on mining equipment in actual mine operations.”

The new JV’s executive and product management divisions will be based out of the Georgia office, while sales for the line will be handled through Milex’s headquarters in Nevada.

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