New bit platform

KENNAMETAL says its newest tools, the Pro Point and Pro Bore, can benefit coal operations through improved productivity and safety.

Angie Tomlinson

The company said the newly designed Pro Point conical tool incorporated its Slimline and Extended NB tip features, which work together to reduce total cutting forces, including vertical, drag and side forces.

“The result is outstanding penetration, more uniform material size and shape, minimal dust generation, and reduced power consumption,” Kennametal said.

The Pro Bore roof bits feature a helix flute design that pulls cut rock and dust through a centre hole and away from the drilling site.

The company said this improved material flow and minimised side wear due to material build-up.

“A new three-step arch design further improves productivity, resulting in quieter drilling, easier drill removal and a 17 per cent increase in drilling speed in some applications.”

Kennametal underground mining director Scott Rife said by using the two tools in combination, mining productivity and safety could be significantly improved.