ACT racks up another ActiveMine sale

CANADIAN wireless communications and tracking manufacturer Active Control Technology has received a $US600,000 purchase order from a US underground mine, its second major ActiveMine sale in a week.
ACT racks up another ActiveMine sale ACT racks up another ActiveMine sale ACT racks up another ActiveMine sale ACT racks up another ActiveMine sale ACT racks up another ActiveMine sale

Courtesy Active Control Technology.

Donna Schmidt

While the identity of the customer is being kept under wraps, ACT president Steve Barrett told ILN that the operator had made ActiveMine purchases for other complexes in its portfolio.

He said the installation of the system, which includes the associated network equipment, handsets and tracking capabilities, will begin as soon as the US Mine Safety and Health Administration approves the mine’s emergency response plan.

"We look forward to contributing to their success through providing ActiveMine's excellent voice quality, high-bandwidth data capability and accurate tracking," Barrett said, adding that the system will be placed in all the mine’s active work areas.

“Our customer is very pleased with their first installation and recognise the productivity gains that ActiveMine makes possible.”

Just a few days ago, ACT announced it had inked a $350,000 purchase order from a new western US underground mine for a 24-node system under the company’s new leasing program.

The program is provided to ACT customers by a third-party, Toronto-based, industrial leasing company and is specifically designed for the mining sector with customisable terms.

ACT received federal approval for the final component of ActiveMine, the wireless Wi-Fi telephone units, in late April. The first regulatory approval for the system was for its RFID Wi-Fi Tags, which were deemed intrinsically safe by MSHA in September 2008.

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