Coal & Allied awarded for its environmental initiatives

COAL & Allied has been given a “highly commended” Environmental Excellence award for implementing major improvements in rehabilitation and meeting the challenge of establishing native vegetation communities on mined land in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley.

Lou Caruana

More than 250 delegates attended the Excellence Awards dinner this week as part of the NSW Mining Environment and Community Conference which is being held in the Hunter to discuss a wide range of topics including sustainability, mine rehabilitation and air quality.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said: “Mining in NSW is a community industry. Most of our miners are locals, who live in the towns and communities near the mines where they work. This means that local community issues are very much our issues too.

“Coal & Allied is developing new rehabilitation methods to consistently produce the desired quality in the absence of an ideal topsoil resource, this has been praised by regulators and industry representatives.

“These awards are an important part of our efforts to constantly improve our environmental and community performance, and I congratulate all our award nominees for delivering projects that demonstrate the commitment of our industry to do so.”