Mason receives BHP award for health promotion

ILLAWARRA Coal’s Ben Mason has won BHP Billiton’s health excellence award for the program “delivering in the dyke – dyke occupational hygiene improvement project.”

Lou Caruana

Mason and his team achieved reductions in noise, diesel particulate matter and vibration for operators through equipment assessment and replacement, engaging with original equipment manufacturers, and redesign of work.

BHP Billiton’s Health Safety Excellence Awards showcase innovative projects from across the company that enhance commitment to health, safety, the environment and the communities that host its operations.

The awards ceremony held last night was attended by 24 awards finalists, BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie, BHP Billiton’s group management committee, employees and partners.

Mackenzie said the awards gave deserved recognition to some of the most talented and passionate people in BHP Billiton.

“We believe that operating sustainably is the right thing to do and that it makes good business sense,” he said.

“To successfully deliver on our strategy, we must maintain our focus on the health and safety of our people, continue to support our host communities and protect the environment, today and for the long term.

“We commend the outstanding work of our finalists for their contributions to the people and environments around them as well as the benefit they bring to our company.

“By creating an environment where people contribute ideas, we are able to implement best practice improvements across the organisation and potentially the broader resources industry.”