Rajant gets federal nod for BreadCrumb WE-IS

PENNSYLVANIA-based communications technology developer Rajant Corporation has received Title 30, Part 23 approval for its BreadCrumb WI-IS wireless mesh networking from the US Mine Safety and Health Administration.
Rajant gets federal nod for BreadCrumb WE-IS Rajant gets federal nod for BreadCrumb WE-IS Rajant gets federal nod for BreadCrumb WE-IS Rajant gets federal nod for BreadCrumb WE-IS Rajant gets federal nod for BreadCrumb WE-IS

Truck Mounted BreadCrumb forms the heart of the wireless mesh system.

Donna Schmidt

The company said on Friday the device now had a permit for use in gassy underground coal mines across the US.

“The BreadCrumb product line is ideal for use in mine safety, rescue and emergency operations,” company senior vice president Peter Lenard said.

“The Rajant BreadCrumb WE-IS underwent extensive analysis and testing by MSHA. After a rigorous testing period, we’re proud to have achieved MSHA certification for the [device].”

Weighing less than five pounds, it is the only hardware of its type designed for portable use. It was originally developed for use by the military.

Rajant officials noted that the wireless node could be used as a standalone network, but also to extend an existing one.

The BreadCrumb technology supports voice functions as well as data and position.

As the company awaits evaluation by MSHA of product developments that allow for longer battery life and various radio configurations, it has made the BreadCrumb WE-IS available with a radio and integrated IS battery, high-gain flexible antenna, BITE LED for range notification and placement, and an industrial-grade case.

In other company news, Rajant appointed former Rio Tinto executive Scott Beer as its mining division chief operating officer in late July.

Beer, a graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah, took over strategic and operational oversight for the Rajant sales, marketing and service professionals, both domestically and internationally, and will continue to develop the company’s mining services and support operations.

He was formerly general manager of Rio Tinto’s information systems and technology division, and had also served as director of information system and technology for Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation.

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