OSG, Strata seal deal

NITROGEN generator On Site Gas Systems will partner with seal constructor Strata Mine Services to provide US coal operations a comprehensive solution of mine seal placement and inertion capabilities.

Donna Schmidt

“Each company has a great reputation within the industry for the products and services they provide,” OSG chief executive Guy Hatch said.

“By working together, we can offer a complete and easy solution to the mines.”

Strata Mine Services general manager Jeff Hamrick said all US underground coal mines would eventually need ventilation seals constructed.

“Bringing these companies together and offering nitrogen generators as part of seal installation provides mine operators with a convenient and cost-effective solution,” he said.

OSG nitrogen generators are used widely in the US as a safe and economic solution to atmosphere inertion within sealed areas sent in from the surface. On-location nitrogen generation allows for significant cost savings over borehole-delivered liquids, and also is more convenient for mines as it can be made onsite for the duration of the project.

Strata Mine Services offers two MSHA-approved mine seal products (under Final Rule 30 CFR Part 75) and has other designs that are awaiting federal approval. The company sells the Stratacrete Plug Seal and the PMR Reinforced Seal, both of which are allowed under the 120psi and 50psi segments of MSHA regulations.

The Stratacrete Plug Seal is designed with two formwalls across the entry, and is remotely filled with Stratacrete concrete mix.

“As the width, or coverage of the seal, increases, so does its strength,” the company said.

The PMR Reinforced Seal is constructed by anchoring rebar into the mine roof and floor, and secured by wiring with 3D welded wire mesh.

“This forms a strong rib system which can then be fully coated with high-strength gunite or shotcrete,” Hamrick said, adding that gunite can then be sprayed to overlap all edges and create an airtight seal.

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