eBookshop to boost exploration

WESTERN Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum has launched an online bookshop that is seeking to boost minerals and oil exploration by posting almost 5000 titles for free from the Geological Survey of WA.

Anthony Barich

Mines and petroleum minister Bill Marmion said the revamped service made GSWA’s role to provide world-class geoscience information more accessible and would help researchers and explorers target “the mines of tomorrow”

The eBookshop features a completely new system allowing secure credit card purchasing, with some maps, USB data packages and nine premium publications available as hard copies.

Users of eBookshop can purchase data packages including: Kimberley, 2014; Exploration geochemistry of WA 2014; and the WA carbon dioxide geological storage atlas. In addition, featured PDF titles are available including: CO2 storage assessment of the onshore western Eucla Basin; ‘Australia goes it alone - the emerging island continent 100Ma to present; and Devonian reef complexes of the Canning Basin, WA.

“The eBookshop is not just for professional geologists. It also offers books that have become bestsellers in their fields,” Marmion said.

These books are available for order in hard copies or as free downloadable PDF files and include The geology of Shark Bay and Gemstones of Western Australia.

The eBookshop is available here.