New quest for General Mining

KENTUCKY coal miner Quest Minerals & Mining Corp has retained General Mining to conduct mining operations at its Pond Creek mine at Slater’s Branch after the contractor carried out a successful rehabilitation program.

Angie Tomlinson

The contract will allow Quest to bring the low-sulfur coal mine back into full production.

“My partners and I have over 60 years of mining experience and find this project one of our most exciting. With millions of tons to be mined at Pond Creek and the Lower Cedar Grove above, we look forward to many years of working with Quest on this project,” General Mining president Rodney Robinson said.

The contractor has begun delivering equipment and supplies to the Pond Creek mine.

Quest and General Mining are in the process of obtaining all required regulatory approvals and permits in order to recommence mining.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration has approved the company’s mine plans and is in the process of conducting a mine reopening inspection.

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