Tri-Log gaining acceptance

SIX months after its introduction into the Australian market by Advanced Chain Technologies Australia (ACTA), the Tri-Log cribbing system is gaining wider acceptance from local underground coal mine operators.
Tri-Log gaining acceptance Tri-Log gaining acceptance Tri-Log gaining acceptance Tri-Log gaining acceptance Tri-Log gaining acceptance


Staff Reporter

The Southern (German Creek) longwall mine in Queensland has undertaken a significant remedial project using Tri-log for drivage and as passive support in the tailgate. Other mines in New South Wales and Queensland have also committed to site based performance trials and one of these is trialing Tri-log at present in conjunction with a longwall move.

The Tri-Log system was designed to replace four and nine point cribs as well as other four-sided wood structural systems. Tri-Log offers savings in time and money to the mine operators, according to Brian Munro, product manager for Tri-Log and American Commercial’s other engineered support systems.

“The unique interlocking design delivers 100% contact between the nested layers offers better load capacity and with component pieces able to be slid into position the crib can be finished within 50mm from the roof. And of course the three pieces per layer gives a 25% reduction in timber and significant savings in labour, handling and transport,” he said.

“Tri-log is particularly well suited for use on a longwall recovery - setting the base of the triangle to the goaf – increasing working area when pulling powered supports out of line.”

Munro said ACTA is expecting broader acceptance of Tri-Log over the coming months.