Helmet to keep Aussie miners safe

AFTER receiving the Certificate of Conformity for the intrinsically safe Miners model recently, the entire Willson PowerAir helmet range is now available Australia wide.
Helmet to keep Aussie miners safe Helmet to keep Aussie miners safe Helmet to keep Aussie miners safe Helmet to keep Aussie miners safe Helmet to keep Aussie miners safe

Willson PowerAir helmet

Angie Tomlinson

The powered air-purifying respirator helmet range, distributed by personal protective equipment manufacturer Bacou-Dalloz, is available in five different models, Integra, Integra IS, Industry, Miner and Miner IS.

The PowerAir helmet is a low maintenance, lightweight & well balanced, fully integrated head, face and respiratory protection system.

Revolutionary advances include an extremely lightweight shell. It was developed within US space technology and combined with a powered air circulation system, it generates no more noise than the human voice.

Complete with an electrostatic P2 dust filter it is capable of removing 95% of particulates.

The helmet features adjustable 6-point cradle for equal weight distribution, advanced composite glass reinforced plastic shell for lightness and strength, retractable into the helmet, hard coated, impact resistant and anti-scratch visor and very quick and easy replacement of filter (no pre-filters required) so there is no need to handle the motor during replacement process and no need to use tools.

The helmet also has an aerodynamic circulatory fan with typical flow rates of up to 180 litres of filtered air per minute and is extremely quiet and lightweight.

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