A real guzzler

AUSTRALIAN pump specialist Supavac has released a new solids handling pump, aptly named the SV60 Guzzla, for its ease in pumping slurry, mud and solids.
A real guzzler A real guzzler A real guzzler A real guzzler A real guzzler

Supavac's SV60 Guzzla

Angie Tomlinson

The pump was especially designed to combat longwall mine problems, such as slurry and access issues.

The air operated pump is on wheels and is small enough to be wheeled through a standard man door.

It operates by creating a vacuum, filling its tank, then discharging the material. There are no moving parts inside the pump.

Suction lengths of 50m are achievable, with a delivery distance of more than 500m.

A number of accessories are offered with the SV60, including pick up nozzles, snore boxes, hoses and a trailer designed to allow movement of the pump without the need for an LHD.

Currently SV60 pumps are operating in one New South Wales longwall mine and several Queensland longwall mines.

The SV60 can be used to pump coal slurry, heavy sludges, mud and tailings.

Supavac has supplied industry with vacuum pumps for more than 15 years, with pumps operating in 12 countries.