MSHA celebrates 25 years

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has released a new publication Mine Safety and Health Administration: 25 Years of Success celebrating its first 25 years of existence and chronicling its history and influence on the US mining industry.
MSHA celebrates 25 years MSHA celebrates 25 years MSHA celebrates 25 years MSHA celebrates 25 years MSHA celebrates 25 years

MSHA celebrates 25 years

Angie Tomlinson

"MSHA's story is one of professionalism and commitment to safer and healthier mines beginning with the first days in 1978 to the dramatic rescues at Quecreek," US secretary of Labor Elaine Chao wrote in the publication. "There are many heroes in the collective experience of MSHA, most of whom quietly dedicate their careers to ensuring a better working environment for miners."

The MSHA was spawned in 1977 when Congress passed the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act to establish an agency to oversee mining issues in America. MSHA was created at the U.S. Department of Labor on March 9, 1978, with the mission of reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities nationwide in the mining industry.

"This past quarter-century represents a revolutionary time in America's mines," MSHA assistant secretary Dave Lauriski said.

"With rapid advances in technology and stronger health and safety standards, the industry has experienced changes that no one could have imagined. In fact, we now have record low fatalities and injury rates and we plan to continue this momentum and meet the demands of the 21st century. The mining industry's goal is to head toward zero fatalities and injuries.”

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