SCSR realism

HEAT and breathing resistance created by self-contained self-rescuers can often be a shock to first-time users. That first shock, and confusion over whether the apparatus is operating correctly, hopefully doesn't occur during a real emergency.
SCSR realism SCSR realism SCSR realism SCSR realism SCSR realism

The Draeger Oxy K Plus SCSR Training Simulator.

Angie Tomlinson

Published in the August 2007 American Longwall Magazine

With this in mind, Draeger has launched its Oxy K Plus SCSR Training Simulator - designed to provide the trainee with a realistic concept of what it is like to wear an SCSR and experience its unique characteristics. Because SCSRs need to generate oxygen and provide the user with a safe breathing atmosphere, SCSRs generate heat and create breathing resistance.

The ability to duplicate this environment is an extreme advantage when training personnel on how to use the SCSR, Draeger said. When the individual is able to experience the actual operational conditions of the SCSR during training, they are better able to understand and react to the product during usage.

"If the user has no prior training or actual experiences with the SCSR, they may lack the necessary skills to safely utilize the life support equipment available. To make matters worse, they may view the situation they are encountering as limiting during an emergency," Oxy K Plus SCSR product manager Bill Dedig said.

The Draeger simulator consists of a mouthpiece and nose clip. This mouthpiece has been constructed to provide both characteristics of an actual SCSR, heat and resistance.

The Draeger simulator is designed to replicate the standard mouthpiece found on the Oxy K Plus and the Oxy K Plus Training unit. This design allows for consistency within actual operations and training.

The mouthpiece is designed with a heat generating material that is not hazardous, or poisonous. The heat generating material is activated and maintained by the moisture provided in exhaled breathing atmosphere. The heat will be generated for approximately 15 minutes. The inhaled temperature will range from 115F (45C) within two minutes to 102F (39C) after 15 minutes.

The design on the mouthpiece is such that breathing resistance is provided in the range of 5/6mbar. These features have been designed with the actual Oxy K Plus characteristics in mind.

The Draeger simulator may be used as a stand-alone device to accomplish the heat and resistance simulation, or may be attached to the Oxy K training unit to provide training in the complete operation of the SCSR. The complete training operation is designed to include opening, donning and breathing simulation. Combined, all three areas provide the trainee with the actual experience of wearing an SCSR with a re-usable training package.

The Draeger simulator is a one-time use device and is not designed for multiple usages or users.

"History has shown properly trained personnel will be able to use the life support equipment and greatly increase the chances of surviving a hazardous atmosphere during an escape operation," the company said.