Funds to lift braking to new heights

ADVANCED braking systems manufacturer Safe Effect Technologies has completed a $A2.153 million capital raising to further expand its product range and sell its own Sealed Integrated Braking System (SIBS) direct to customers. The company has also gained approval for the product’s use in underground coal mines in South Africa and is progressing work in Australia.
Funds to lift braking to new heights Funds to lift braking to new heights Funds to lift braking to new heights Funds to lift braking to new heights Funds to lift braking to new heights

Advanced Braking Technology's Sealed Integrated Braking System, shown here mounted on a Land Cruiser.

Angie Tomlinson

Safe Effect has been working with Queensland Underground Contract Mining Services to employ SIBS on a modified Toyota LandCruiser that will meet Australian Standard 3584, which requires all parts of the vehicle that are exposed to the atmosphere to remain below 150C.

SIBS utilises wet friction, with the moving and non-moving brake parts immersed in a liquid that dissipates heat and reduces wear through lubrication. As a result, the brakes are virtually wear and maintenance free and may outlast the vehicles they are fitted to, unlike conventional drum and disc brakes.

Safe Effect CEO Ken Johnsen told International Longwall News the work with QUCMS was ongoing, and once certified would open up the market for use in underground coal mines in New South Wales.

The non-electric, mechanical version of the technology has been employed by many Queensland coal mines over the past eight years, with more recent customers including BHP Billiton’s Cannington mine and various BMA sites.

The brakes can be used on underground mine vehicles that are not permitted into hazardous areas.

Yesterday's fund raising will support the new sales model, where Safe Effect will appoint regional sales staff on the east coast of Australia who will take on the role previously fulfilled by reseller ADiT Engineering. ADiT will remain as an authorised service agent and installer of SIBS.

Johnsen said funds raised would also be directed towards broadening the company’s product offering. “Part of the capital raised will be used to adapt the current, proven SIBS brake designed for the Toyota LandCruiser so it may also be used on other products such as Nissan and Mitsubishi 4WDs and light trucks,” he said.

The take-up of Safe Effect’s patented braking system continues to gather momentum, both in Australia and overseas.

The company made sales of $250,000 to Canada in December 2006 and shipments to South Africa are anticipated to commence within the next month following the recent testing and approval of the braking system by the South African Bureau of Standards.

The accreditation is for use on public roads and underground mines in South Africa.

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