Throwing light on headlight issues

UNDERGROUND mining vehicle headlights have recently come under scrutiny for the possibility of reaching exceedingly high temperatures, jeopardising the safety of workers and breaching regulations set by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.
Throwing light on headlight issues Throwing light on headlight issues Throwing light on headlight issues Throwing light on headlight issues Throwing light on headlight issues

ATF Mining Electrics’ Series 251 flameproof headlight.

Angie Tomlinson

Published in March 2008 Australian Longwall Magazine

Australian company ATF Mining Electrics, part of the Ampcontrol Group of Companies, has addressed this issue with its range of underground mining flameproof headlights.

The ATF Mining Electrics Series 251 Flameproof Headlights have recently been certified to AS/NZS 60079.0:2005 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres.

As part of this compliance ATF headlights have been tested and can be installed at any angle without exceeding the safe temperature limit of 150C, at an ambient temperature of 40C. The headlights have also been tested for operation on a voltage source of up to 15V, being a nominal rating of 13.8V plus a tolerance of +10%.

All Series 251 Flameproof Headlights supplied meet the requirements of the DPI certification as per its recent Safety Bulletin, ATF said.

The headlights are also suitable for use on all electric mobile or stationary machinery and are manufactured from high tensile bronze or aluminium. Detailed certification documentation is supplied to users of ATF headlights to ensure that replacement lamps are rated and installed safely and correctly.

“The innovative external finned construction of the headlights allows for maximum dissipation of heat reducing the internal temperature of the light and also providing a prolonged lamp life. The Series 251 headlights have been tested at the required voltage levels to determine the likelihood of the internal components to reach an excessively high temperature,” ATF said.

“The headlights were found to be suitably designed and rated to operate without damage due to a rise in temperature when used with the rated operating parameters. This compliance exemplifies the ability of ATF headlights to be operated whilst ensuring the utmost safety of miners.”

Other features of the Series 251 flameproof headlight include a standard 50-watt or 20W quartz halogen globe or a variation including red lens for tailgate use, combination headlight/tailgate configuration of a globe and LEDs, laser sight for miners and LED panel fitter for flameproof indication.

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