A strong, sticky situation

INTERNATIONAL adhesive supplier 3M has released its latest product designed specifically for the industry – Scotch Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31.
A strong, sticky situation A strong, sticky situation A strong, sticky situation A strong, sticky situation A strong, sticky situation

3M's new industry-specific Scotch Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31. Courtesy 3M.

Angie Tomlinson

The abrasion-resistant product is suitable for mining jobs such as cable splicing and jacket repair. The company said it has self-healing properties to keep moisture away.

Mining Tape 31, both oil and chemical-resistant, has been given the approval of the Pennsylvania Mining Authority and US Mine Safety and Health Administration (under P-07-KA080005-MSHA, which is printed on the product).

3M has also launched the 3M Mining Tape Splice Kits 3100 series, which will have various intended applications and voltage classes ranging from 600V to 15kV for cable powering longwall machines and continuous miners, cable powering shuttle cars, pinners, roof bolters and feeder cables as well as high voltage distribution cable.

Last month, the company’s Canada division inked a long-term supply deal with Alderox, giving 3M exclusive rights to its products for the Canadian mining industry.

“Not only will the relationship with 3M Canada speed up the development of the Canadian mining and oil sands markets, the fact that 3M Canada has put their name and resources behind our Alderox product confirms that it is a superior solution to the carryback and ore build-up issues in the mining sector," said Alderox president Gordon Davies.

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