Bucyrus goes wet or dry on exhausts

MACHINES manufactured by Bucyrus/DBT will have the optional fitting of a wet exhaust scrubber system that has already proven its success in the Chinese market.

Staff Reporter

The system features a particulate filtration system, inline purifier catalytic converter and a water bath type exhaust unit; it works as an alternative emissions control solution to the dry exhaust system fitted to machines.

DBT development and diesel spokesman Steve Brownsell said the wet exhaust system undertook final testing at the Londonderry test centre last week to meet Australia's operation requirements.

He said the systems were already fitted to machines and in operation offshore and in China.

The wet exhaust scrubber system will be standard fitted to the new compact loader launched by the original equipment manufacturer at Aimex this year and offered as an optional feature on other diesel products.

Brownsell said the water bath exhaust system is monitored by an electronic shutdown system which prevents the machine from being operated in an unsafe condition – that is, with no water.

Stainless steel floats are utilised within the tanks to control the water levels and the system has a capacity of 400 litres, enough to cover a normal operating shift.