Risk-based analysis for mine safety

THE National Mining Association has joined forces with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to offer a July workshop on the use of risk-based analysis for improving mine safety.

Donna Schmidt

The event, “Reducing Workplace Accidents through Risk-Based Analysis”, is scheduled for July 14, from 8am to 4pm local time, at the Hyatt Place Denver Airport in Denver, Colorado. It is free of charge.

Leading the discussions will be NIOSH mining engineer Floyd Varley and ATI Consulting’s Anthony Iannacchione, who designed the itinerary to educate safety professionals and managers about the Major Hazard Risk Assessment (MHRA) process.

“Specifically, the workshop will focus on providing attendees examples of the Major Hazard Risk Assessment process, how it is applied in the workplace, demonstrate its use through classroom exercises and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the process,” they said.

NIOSH explained MHRA was a process that could help define major hazards and evaluate engineering, management and work process factors that impact how a mine mitigates its highest risk.

Researchers in charge of recent MHRA studies said MHRA was most effective when the mining operation properly understood its hazards; had experience with informal and basic formal risk-assessment techniques; had proper facilities, machinery and equipment; suitable systems and procedures that represented industry best practice; appropriate organizational support with adequate staff, communications and training; a formal and thorough plan for emergency response; and a safety risk management approach promoted and supported at all levels of the organization.

While the workshop was focused primarily on the metal/non-metal industry, Varley told ILN that interested parties from the coal sector were welcome to attend.

He also noted plans to coordinate a second similar gathering in the future with a coal-specific agenda.

More information on the event, including lodging arrangements, is available at the NIOSH Mining website. Registration before July 7 is required.