Conditions in Paradise worsen

KENAMERICAN Resources has idled its Paradise room and pillar mine in Kentucky, but will continue constructing a new mine on the site.

Angie Tomlinson

Due to unforeseen adverse roof conditions in the No. 9 and No. 11 seams at Paradise, KenAmerican has temporarily idled production.

It said ongoing construction of a new mine, including a slope, air shafts, conveyor and power systems, hoist, and other portal facilities would continue “expeditiously”

The company will return the Paradise mine to eventual full production on completion of the new access, ventilation, conveyor and power systems, and portal facilities.

Circumstances at Paradise have been anything but this year, with an accident involving an out-of-control man trip injuring eight workers in July and the company temporarily laying off 75 workers at the operation in June.

KenAmerican, owned by Murray Energy, uses continuous miners at the Paradise mine and produces 3.3 million tons per year.

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