Bolting it in

THE latest evolution of an ultrasonic instrument that measures and records bolt strain or load is being introduced by Hydratight.
Bolting it in Bolting it in Bolting it in Bolting it in Bolting it in


Staff Reporter

Called Boltscope II, the device measures bolt strain using the principle of measuring the time of flight of an ultrasonic signal.

The signal is generated by a transducer and the device’s clock measures the time for the signal to return to the transducer after reflection from the far end of the bolt or stud.

The technology is particularly useful for checking bolts used to secure machinery in the oil and gas, construction and mining industries.

Ultasonics are also highly useful in confined spaces where it is not possible to use a torque wrench without removing a significant number of components around the bolt in question.

Boltscope firmware displays the load, stress or elongation of a fastener through operator setting and pre-loaded compensation data on a large easy-to-read screen.

Built-in A-Scan waveform displays help for the user to place transducers correctly by verifying signal reception.

Material and joint data can be uploaded to a PC directly using the Stressware provided.

The Stressware allows easy measurement analysis as well as data reports and information to be saved for periodic comparisons.

The unit works with all bolt tightening systems. It monitors the fastener during the tightening process to ensure accurate initial loading.

Retained load in the fastener can be monitored at any time.

The device has the capacity to store up to 10,000 fastener measurements in up to 512 application groups.