Valley Longwall at Kinetic's SIG debut

MORE than 100 people are expected to attend Kinetic Information System’s first free Special Interest Group meeting at Lindemans Vineyard in the Hunter Valley, with Valley Longwall’s Philip Stalker presenting on how his company has improved its job costing system.
Valley Longwall at Kinetic's SIG debut Valley Longwall at Kinetic's SIG debut Valley Longwall at Kinetic's SIG debut Valley Longwall at Kinetic's SIG debut Valley Longwall at Kinetic's SIG debut


Blair Price

Kinetic supplies Greentree enterprise resource planning software to the mining services sector, which has helped trim costs at Valley Longwall.

Valley Longwall used to cost jobs, including the manufacturing of its own parts, through a system using multiple spreadsheets but has since streamlined the process through Greentree’s Job Costing and Inventory modules.

“Management of complex jobs has been simplified and is now more dependable since we now have certainty around the capture of all costs associated with a parent job,” Valley Longwall financial controller for conveyors Philip Stalker said.

Kinetic managing director Alison Burt told ILN that Stalker’s involvement in the SIG proved Greentree was an excellent product and that Kinetic’s services were of a high level.

“However, this is the first of many SIGs and the topic of the first one is not about us or the product but about the benefits of any integrated software solution,” she said.

“Phil will be discussing the benefits it has brought to Valley, not us or Greentree.”

Burt said future meetings would cover many topics, which the attendees of the SIG would choose, and she suggested issues such as government grants for the mining sector, better tax planning and how to improve cash flow.

While there is various enterprise resource planning software available, Burt said Greentree required no development work, with functionality delivered from standard software that was parameterised for particular sectors, such as mining services.

“This means for clients the solution will work, it can be delivered in a short timeframe and is very cost-effective.”

She added that Kinetic, which has been in this marketplace for nine years, understood the mining services sector so it could provide solutions using Greentree.

Most organisations supplying services would require heavy job costing to work out the profitability of each job.

“In terms of those just supplying the mines then Greentree’s distribution module is ideal for handling sales orders, purchase orders and the inventory of these items,” she said.

“The business intelligence module is also ideal for providing these organisations with their key KPIs and also for feeding back data to the mines regarding intelligent buying for their purchasers.”

Overall, the Greentree software aims to boost business control over financial information, distribution, job costing, payroll, asset management and maintenance along with customer relations management.

Fully Windows-compliant, Greentree users can also communicate through a web-based interface.

“It can run over multiple sites running hundreds of users or just a few,” Burt said.

The first SIG meeting will be held on November 27 and will also feature PricewaterhouseCoopers partner Darren Turner as a guest speaker.

Kinetic plans to host a series of these free information sessions every 4-6 months, with guest speakers and a meal provided at each one.

“The Special Interest Group is Kinetic’s idea and this is unique to us,” Burt said.

“We want to add something back to the Australian mining service sector of New South Wales.”

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