Itochu, Coalworks sign binding MoU

COALWORKS has signed a memorandum of understanding with Japanese resources and trading conglomerate Itochu Corporation for a joint venture with a value of up to $11 million to develop its Vickery South coking and thermal coal project.
Itochu, Coalworks sign binding MoU Itochu, Coalworks sign binding MoU Itochu, Coalworks sign binding MoU Itochu, Coalworks sign binding MoU Itochu, Coalworks sign binding MoU

Image courtesy of Coalworks.

Lou Caruana

Itochu’s local subsidiary IMEA will undertake a preliminary feasibility study and complete a bankable feasibility study.

Contribution of the maximum amount of funding required to be spent by IMEA will deliver it a 49% stake in the Vickery South coal project.

The equity in the JV will be earned by payment of the first tranche of $5 million for 29% and a further tranche of up to $6 million for 20%.

Coalworks managing director and chief executive Andrew Firek said he was “delighted to welcome Itochu as a joint venture partner for Coalworks”.

“Their experience in mine development, coal offtake and marketing and coal industry investment make them an invaluable partner for us.

“We have already developed an excellent working relationship with them and we are pleased this relationship has culminated in this exciting venture in the booming Gunnedah Basin.

“We believe that Itochu will help us build Vickery South into a very valuable asset for Coalworks.”

The MoU envisages that Coalworks will continue serious discussion on an exclusive good faith basis with IMEA to negotiate binding formal agreements for the transaction.

Such agreements would become effective after the satisfaction of certain conditions, including FIRB approval and completion of due diligence by IMEA, which is expected by March 2010 when contributions from Itochu are expected to commence.

The legally binding MoU further provides for Itochu to enter into a sales agreement and offtake agreement whereby Itochu will purchase or arrange the sale and marketing of all coking and thermal coal to be produced from Vickery South by the proposed JV.

Coalworks has already started drilling at Vickery South where shallow coal has been intersected in a number of holes.

This work, to be funded by Itochu, is expected to lead to a preliminary feasibility study later this year.