US coal production continues to drop

LATEST figures from the U.S. Department of Energy Information Administration (EIA) show that coal production for May 2002 totalled 89 million short tons, 6% lower than in May 2001.

Staff Reporter

EIA said coal consumed by the electric power sector in April 2002 was estimated as 74 million short tons, 6% higher than the level in April 2001.

Electric power sector coal stocks were estimated as 146 million short tons at the end of April 2002, 27% percent higher than the level a year earlier.

Dow Jones Energy Services reported last week that U.S. spot prices were steady or weaker in Eastern and Western markets on weak demand. While burn rates are strong, utility stockpiles remain relatively high.

Exports and imports both dropped, with coal exports in April 2002 totaling only 4 million short tons, 22% percent lower than exports during the previous period.

Coal imports in April 2002 totaled 1 million short tons, 4% lower than imports in April 2001.

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