Bigger and better results for Kellingley

A CLOSE partnership between Joy and UK Coal’s Kellingley Colliery has resulted in exceeded targets of equipment availability, system availability, consistent output and increased shearer speed.

Angie Tomlinson

In March 2003, UK Coal established a partnership with Joy focusing on Kellingley Colliery 401’s face. The partnership aimed to significantly improve the mine’s key performance indicators (KPI) that included reducing down time and lowering unit costs.

In the initial discussions held in March 2003, UK Coal set their KPI’s at 95% for individual equipment availability and 85% for the overall system availability on Kellingley’s 401’s face. The partnership, however, raised its targets to 97% of individual equipment availability.

As a result of close team work, real-time dialogue and stringent action plans, after 28 weeks the partnership achieved 98% of individual equipment availability and an overall system availability of 94.04%.

Total tonnage from the face has also exceeded the target by consistently producing approximately 40,000 tonnes (44,000 tons) a week.

During the period of the partnership, the JOY 7LS1A shearer speed increased 8 metres (26 feet) per minute to 9.5 metres (31 feet) per minute. This was a great result for Joy in the UK, as Kellingley 401’s face is the first mine face that has used a JOY 7LS1A shearer in the UK Coal market.

Joy and UK Coal have exceeded their targets through a number of strategies. A team that consists of staff members from both parties, named the joint pit core team (JPCT), was first established as a commitment to lead a process to achieve a win-win business cooperation. The JPCT then set about defining measurable goals and devising strategies and actions that would help both organizations to achieve a successful partnership.

As a full commitment to the partnership, an office was established at the Kellingley mine and is equipped with all the necessary communications facilities.

The office, administrated by Joy’s senior project manager Richard Jackson, facilitates “real-time” dialogues for any related issues between Joy and the mine.

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