Gloves handle impact

SAFETY specialist OTB Products has introduced new gloves to protect workers from common impact and vibration injuries caused by the constant use of riveting guns and other power tools.
Gloves handle impact Gloves handle impact Gloves handle impact Gloves handle impact Gloves handle impact

OTB Products' new gloves protect workers from common impact and vibration injuries.

Emily Roberts

Such injuries are increasingly commonplace across many industries as more and more power tools and equipment become available and workers' exposure times to the hazards of excessive use are increased, according to OTB managing director David Reed.

The effects of injuries from over-exposure could be undetected until they became cumulative and serious, he said, with vibration, impacts and manipulation of everyday tools causing serious long-term damage to nerves, tendons, muscle and bone.

Riveters' PPE gloves – part of a broader range of OTB personal protection gloves and equipment – feature patented Gelfom-filled anti-vibration padding in the palm, knuckles and thumb crotch.

Made from durable pigskin leather reinforced palm, the gloves' feature a stretch material spandex body designed for flexible comfort and ultra light weight.

Available with and without wrist support, and also sold singly in left or right hand as required, the gloves provide effective protection for workers using pistol grip tools in confined spaces or when surrounded by hard surfaces, OTB says.

"Gloves such as these, produced in the USA by one of the world's leading makers of personal protection equipment, respond to workplace hazards that have been hidden up until now but are emerging as more power tools are used," Reed said.

Use of the gloves should be combined with safe work practices, such as regular breaks wherever possible. "Just wearing thicker gloves at best does nothing and at worst can increase vibration," Reed said.

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