Driving a jungle coal crusher

DEEP in the interior of Borneo, David Brown triple reduction gearboxes will soon be working hard as part of an innovative drive solution for a twin roll crusher designed to process coal destined for power stations and local consumers.
Driving a jungle coal crusher Driving a jungle coal crusher Driving a jungle coal crusher Driving a jungle coal crusher Driving a jungle coal crusher

David Brown triple reduction gearboxes bound for Borneo.

Angie Tomlinson

The crusher has been developed by Dosco Overseas Engineering and has been designed to reduce the coal from a nominal infeed of 300mm to a nominal product size of 50mm with a peak rate throughput of up to 2,200 tonnes/hour.

The crusher has been manufactured for use at PT. Trubaindo Coal Mining, Kalimantan, Indonesia, and was specified by the mine operators Banpu Public Company, Thailand. It is scheduled to be installed and commissioned at the mine during September.

Each roller in the crusher is individually powered by a 250kW motor via a fluid coupling and the David Brown Series G parallel shaft gearbox, which has a ratio of 16.2:1 and is employed to reduce 1470rpm to 90 rpm. Part of Textron Fluid & Power, David Brown custom-modified its Series G range and supplied the motor and fluid coupling to provide a compact solution.

David Brown incorporated a special splined output shaft to interface with the coupling on the crusher, and also employed a bell housing between the gearbox and the motor to accommodate the fluid coupling. The Series G utilises a unique shaft sealing arrangement designed to provide high integrity protection for crushing and quarrying applications.

Series G gearboxes are available in seven sizes from 11,000Nm to 130,000Nm output torque, with a ratio coverage of 6.3:1 to 315:1. The units are specified for arduous roles in mines, quarries, bulk handling, mixing, metals processing, water treatment works and on conveyor drives. They can be specified in parallel shaft helical and right angle shaft bevel/helical units in double, triple, and quadruple reduction gear stages.

Modular design and construction, a high degree of interchangeability of parts and sub assemblies, and a universally machined, horizontally split casing creates a family of speed reducing gear units that can be quickly manufactured and are simple to maintain with outstanding delivery and cost benefits for customers.