Maltby�s mile of coal

CONTINUING its winning run, UK Coal’s Maltby Colliery recently boasted a team who cut more than a mile of coal in a single shift. The record was one of a string of highlights for the colliery which has turned around a dismal record to become one of UK Coal’s top producers.
Maltby’s mile of coal Maltby’s mile of coal Maltby’s mile of coal Maltby’s mile of coal Maltby’s mile of coal

Maltby mine, courtesy UK Coal

Angie Tomlinson

The afternoon team completed six strips of the 290 metre long 18’s unit to produce 2,592 tonnes from a 1.5 metre high coal section in week, UK Coal’s NewScene reported.

The team included Graham Parker, Tony Battersby, John Kerry, Andy Turner, Richard Williams, Robert Hepworth, Andrew Ley, George Cole, Derek Speirs and Mick Parkin.

“This is an outstanding achievement for a pit that was showing a multi-million pound loss four months ago,” Maltby manager Bob Hallam told NewScene.

In 2003 flexible working arrangements were introduced at Maltby and the mine managed to produce 1.4 million tonnes. A new British and European record for driving underground roadways was also established and planned face machine available time (MAT) increased by 34%.

Since the end of April Maltby has averaged 34,580 tonnes per week.