TV latest weapon for QRC

THE Queensland Resources Council (QRC) is using television as its latest weapon in the fight to increase the pool of skilled workers available to the resource industry, with QRC chief executive Susan Johnston on Friday launching a television campaign encouraging young people to take up careers in the sector.

Angie Tomlinson

“Instead of just standing around complaining about a shortage of skilled workers, the QRC is engaged on a number of fronts to encourage people to consider us as employers of choice,” Johnston said.

The advertisement will run throughout regional Queensland on WINN TV and the 7 network from July to October when students are considering their university course preferences or vocational training.

QRC’s other initiatives include the Minerals and Energy Academy, a study into the retention of women in the industry, and the Future Directions Initiative.

The Minerals and Energy Academy is a joint project with the Queensland Government designed to increase the number of students pursuing trades and tertiary studies relevant to the minerals and energy sectors. Commencing 2006, it will provide a number of selected schools with specialist curriculum and pathways into the sector through links with minerals and energy companies.

The Future Directions Initiative aims to increase enrolments in senior secondary school science subjects and in tertiary science and engineering courses - particularly in geology, mining and minerals process engineering and environmental science.

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