Galvin resigns tenured role

PROFESSOR Jim Galvin has resigned from his professorship of mining engineering at the University of New South Wales, effective early next year.

Staff Reporter

Galvin will continue to be associated with the School of Mining Engineering in the role of visiting professor, to project manage the virtual reality research being undertaken.

He will also complete, under a UNSW banner, the writing of the Risk Management Manual on Strata Control that he has been undertaking for the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP).

“In my 13 years as professor of mining engineering and three terms as head of school, I received tremendous support and encouragement from my colleagues in industry,” Galvin said.

Galvin’s work has taken many forms. Activities have included site visits for school leavers and undergraduates, the funding and maintenance of a minesite teaching unit, pit gear for first year students, the establishment of the Kenneth Finlay Chair of Rock Mechanics, the establishment of two Education Trusts with a combined value of more than $A6 million, and scholarship support totalling more than $A3 million.

Other aspects have included mentoring, student prizes, research support exceeding $A6 million, press reports, guest lecturing, equipment for open-day displays, membership of MTEC, attendance at annual Kenneth Finlay and UNSW/Mitsubishi lectures, and more.

Galvin said the support he received had been critical to maintaining a presence for Mining Engineering at UNSW and in the Australian university system.

“This incomplete review also highlights the importance of continuing to foster a close association between industry and the tertiary minerals education system in order to meet the intellectual capital needs of the minerals industry,” he said.

Galvin will also continue to chair an industry taskforce on safety in China’s accident-stricken coal mining industry.

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